Arboretum and Nursery


Törzses jukka a Vértesben (Yucca constricta, Tuscola mellől, Texas)

Yucca with trunk in Vértes mts. (Yucca constricta, collected near Tuscola, Texas)

Cupressus glabra törzs (Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona magból)

Trunk of Cupressus glabra (Raised from seed, Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona)

We started our experiments with plant naturalization and climate resistance according to the instructions of the Dendrological Atlas Team lead by Dr Zsolt Debreczy, and using in a significant part the propagating material collected by them in original living areas.

Based on the experiences of the first decade, we founded Arizonica Gardening Services in 1992, with the main mission to test, observe, experiment the methods of nursery and growing of plants resistant to both summer heat and winter cold, and to produce plants for sale.

On such grounds we built special, Mediterranean and chaparral-desert gardens, garage-roof gardens maintainable without any watering.

József Hódi Tóth has continuously been publishing our results gained from research and practice in the following magazines: Kertészet és Szőlészet (Gardening and Viniculture), Kertbarát Magazin (Friend of Gardens Magazine), OTTHON (HOME), Széplak (Nice Home), Családi Ház (Family House), A Mi Otthonunk (Our Home).

On the southern hills of Vértes, Csákvár area, we possess a special arboretum (pictures) where the most complete Hungarian Cupressus and Yucca collection can be found. The arboretum, serving also as a reference, maintained wholly without any watering, has been nationally registered since 2001 and protected by law since 2009.